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Jenson Books Online is Hiring Book Listing Associates!

If you want to set your own schedule, eat two free meals a week, don’t want to work with the general public and think you've got mad talent at scanning books or media while listening to your favorite music, podcast, or audio books, then we’ve got the job for you!! Jenson Online is a locally owned and operated company that buys excess books and other forms of media from thrift stores, scans them, and sells them through Amazon.

We are looking for people to scan books and media who can make quick decisions and want to work hard to meet production goals. Starting pay is $10/hr. If you work fast you can make up to $12.00/ hour with bonuses! If you want to work in a fun, low stress, fast paced environment with flexible scheduling please apply!

There are both part time and full time positions available.

Part time employees only need to work 16 hours a week!

We are hiring for all shifts:

You can set your own schedule!


Morning (7 am-11 am)

Afternoon (11:15-3:15)

Evening (3:40-7:40)

Night (7:55 pm-11:55 pm)



Morning (7-11)

Afternoon (11:15-3:15)


Employees can also work multiple shifts a day, once

initial training is complete.


Once hired there is a one time training on Mondays.

For the first month you will need to work at least 4 days per week, one shift each day. 

Time off during the first month of training is limited but becomes much more flexible afterwards. 

Employees must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Why Jenson Books?

We provide a FREE MEAL to our employees TWICE a week, and UNLIMITED FREE BOOK and MEDIA take home day twice a week, FREE COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE, FREE OTTER POPS and the opportunity to win GIFT CARDS once a month!

Come Work With Us!

*If you are unable to apply online, please send an email to:

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